Base Rate

My base rate is based on a visit to my location and does not include unique requests or additional companions. My rates are in exchange for my time and not specific services, therefore, an hour means 60 minutes and not 50 or less (unless you need/want to leave early). I will never rush you out the door. My rates are kept lower to encourage multiple visits and regular clients and are therefore not negotiable. The aim of the game is for everyone to have an amazing time so let's try it <3

  • 1 Hour................$150

  • 2 Hours..............$225

  • 3 Hours..............$300

  • 4 Hours..............$350

  • Half Hour...........$100

If you would like me to come to you, add $30 to the total to compensate for travel expenses and time. I will travel within the city limits however, if you wish for me to meet you further away, advance notice and a deposit will be necessary and the travel fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Longer Sessions & Get-Aways

Ask me about my overnight, 24 hour and weekend get-away packages for a fun and surreal experience. We can relax and shut out the world beyond our candle encounter, not surfacing into reality until we have to.

Duos and Couple Bookings

Couples: An experience for couples who wish to share in my company. Let your fantasies come to life by adding me into the mix and exploring something amazing and new. Non SP couples only- all genders and combinations welcome.

  • 1 Hour................$300

  • 2 Hour................$500

  • 3 Hour................$650

Duos: An experience with myself and another professional companion. Rates for duos are the sum of both companions' rates. I currently have a female and male duo partner I can recruit for your pleasure. The rates for my duo partners are different therefore contact me in private based on your gender preference for specific pricing.

Special Requests

Unfortunately, I don't offer a rate list for special requests. I try to avoid making promises on prices until I have full details about the specifics of the extras you want. I do have set prices for extras, however, that is assuming a new acquaintance, requesting only one extra and not waving other factors. 

Not all special requests carry a fee. In fact most of them don't. Outfit requests or massage, for example, carry no extra fees as these do not cost me additional investment, time or expenses. Just ask me about the specifics and we can plan something super fun.

Extra fees are within reason and in the spirit of fairness to you and myself. If we see each other on a regular basis, these may be lowered or waved completely.

If you have any specific questions always feel free to reach out to me. I don't bite unless I am asked to :)