What We Can Do....

As an outgoing and laid back girl, I will strive to set you at ease as we get acquainted and even a little bit closer. I am an affectionate romantic with a lust for a connection. I feed off the energy and chemistry of those in my company, striving to be slow, sensual and romantic or wild, intense and insatiable yet eager to please as needed.

I have a deep desire to please those who have chosen to spend their time with me. You are not just a client but a unique individual and I am truly interested in knowing who you are and bringing you the perfect hedonistic pleasure. I am here to listen, to offer advice should you ask, and give you a complete vacation from reality. I am extremely easy going, self assured and secure in who I am. As a result, there is nothing that you can't talk to me about.

A Walk On The Dark Side: Kink, Fetishes & more...

Kink wasn't something I discovered; it is simply a part of me and always has been.  I am well versed in the world of kink and fetish and am always trying to learn new skills and explore more kinks. I describe myself as a true switch: I can dominate and submit to the right individuals. 

Although they are not mutually exclusive, fetishes and BDSM are very different things. They can be interchangeable or combined, they don't have to be and there is a vast array of combinations of fetishes and aspects of BDSM. I understand these differences between the two and that even within specifics of each fetish or act, there is no one definition. The first step is to contact me and inquire about the basic request. Once we are together we will discus your specific desires to ensure the experience is everything you dreamed of within the confines of your boundaries.

Fetishes available are innumerable since imagination is the limit. Don't be shy when inquiring about fetishes: the more forthcoming you are, the more we will enjoy our time together. There is nothing you could inquire about that would cause me to judge you or be offended. The worse that can happen is I politely decline. So please, don't be shy when describing your deepest scenarios. First inquiry need only mention the label; we can go into greater details once an appointment is booked.

In BDSM, versatility and flexibility is the spice of life. As a switch, I can be a soft, sensual Queen Temptress who seduces and coerces you into eager submission, to a sadistic, heavy handed Dominatrix who will force you to your knees, to an eager and gracious submissive willing to take any scrap of affection. The opportunities are as endless as your imagination. Some of the more popular requests I offer are:

  • Discipline

  • Face sitting and smothering

  • Tease and denial

  • Restraints

  • Body worship

Tools of the trade at my disposal include (but are not limited to):

  • Floggers

  • Paddle

  • Gags

  • Collar and cuffs

  • Whips

I am always expanding my collection of tools too.